About Wendy

My life has been a spiritual journey to understand myself, other people and my Divine Creator.  I sought answers to the questions: Who I am? and Why I am here? and Where am I from?  I have studied and practiced Christian, Buddhist and Sufi traditions, and for the past 10 years I have walked on a Universal path to embody and express Source LOVE on Earth.

As I explored these questions and others, I have heard my Divine Beloved speaking to me in words that seem to come from somewhere else, guiding and supporting me.  Recently I recorded some of my poetry and guided meditations for clients and various online platforms.  Many of these include Music from Source by Frits Evelein. I created this website to share a selection of these Meditative Experiences.  Try one to explore this very real relationship and connection to our Creator that is available to us all.

I also offer spiritual guidance and energy healing to individuals and groups (since 1997).  I support people in living their passion and their purpose and connecting more deeply to their Soul and their Source.  I use the Omnium Method of healing and consciousness expansion.

I am grateful for the richness of my life filled with creative expression, friends, family (including grandchildren), and spiritual guidance work.  I delight in gardening, hiking, traveling, and contemplating the infinite beauty of this Universe.