Come Home To Your Heart

Wendy von Oech

Happy New Year!

May you be blessed this season and throughout 2022. Enjoy this video and message as my gift to you.


Read about the creation of this video in two posts: “Why ‘Now is the Time’ now?” and “Celebration of Co-creation of Now”

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Experience the Sounds of Source

I invite you to relax your body, quiet your mind and open your heart as you experience the Sounds of Source in these guided meditations and poetic inspirations. My voice and message and Frits Evelein’s music hold a consciousness aligned with Source energy. Our intention is to support your journey into your Soul and your connection to your Divine Creator Source.



Guided Meditations

Mystic Musings

Mother Whale Rising

Mother Whale Rising

My mother took her last breath on Friday, January 28, 2022, at 2:50 AM Mountain Time. My phone woke me from a restless sleep, just like when my father died 13 months before. Jaime and I shared a few tears and words. My mother was at peace. The next day I was walking...

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Walking My Mother Home

Walking My Mother Home

What is it like to watch a parent dying of dementia?  How do I support my mother, even as she no longer knows who I am?  How do my two brothers and I care for her needs and for our own?  My mother is living in her condo in Snowmass with her amazing caregiver Jaime. ...

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Celebration of Co-creation of “Now”

Celebration of Co-creation of “Now”

Creating this video with Mary Gospe was pure delight.  We have a new word for the “work” we do together.  We call it “Joying.”  We follow our desire to create something together with ease and grace.  Unusual things happen, like images that come to mind or show up...

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Spiritual Guidance & Energy Healing

Your Companion on the Journey


I offer a sacred space to support you in awakening more to who you really are as a divine being living a human life.  As we connect to the energy of Source and our own Higher Self we access our innate ability to create the life we deeply desire.  We can let go of habits of mind or heart that are in the way of loving ourselves fully and expressing the truth of our unique Soul.  In our sessions we engage our Higher Consciousness and experience the energy of Source to create a life of freedom, joy, purpose and love.

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