Come Home To Your Heart

Wendy von Oech

Featured Creative Expressions

I invite you to relax your body, quiet your mind and open your heart as you experience the Sounds of Source in these guided meditations and poetic inspirations. My voice and message and Frits Evelein’s music hold a consciousness aligned with Source energy. Our intention is to support your journey into your Soul and your connection to your Divine Creator Source. Sometimes you will experience a deep inner stillness and peace. Sometimes you will feel the support and presence of divine beings. At other times you will receive guidance and answers to your questions. Set your intention and allow the experience to unfold.

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Creative Expressions

Mystic Musings

Multiple Options

Multiple Options

Yesterday a box of Frits’ and my new Source LOVE CDs arrived! I was delighted to see our names in print on a tangible product, another form to broadcast Source Love and support people to Align 3 Energy Centers and Expand to the Universe. Why not? I grew up with vinyl,...

Holy Mystery

Holy Mystery

Is a thought, emotion, physical sensation or outside stimulus bugging you at the moment? Like an irritating mosquito? Is something in the news, at work, in a personal relationship or in your own nature bringing you down? Is a memory reactivating a feeling of sadness...

Time to Launch

Time to Launch

Something is stirring in my heart. All plans to do otherwise are fizzling in the heat of this desire. Light is shooting out of my eyes. I cannot contain this energy. I do not know where it will lead, nor do I care. Something is being born now through me, and I cannot...

Spiritual Guidance & Energy Healing

Your Companion on the Journey

We are amazing human and divine beings. Sometimes navigating here on Earth is challenging. I have benefitted from having a companion on my journey, someone who can listen from her heart to help me listen to mine.

I offer a sacred space to support you in awakening more to who you really are, to loving yourself fully and to expressing the truth of your unique Soul. In our sessions we engage our Higher Consciousness and experience the energy of Source to create a life of freedom, joy and purpose.