Come Home To Your Heart

Wendy von Oech

Welcome to A New Eden!

I’ve been developing a series of meditations to help us “Create a New Eden.” Do we need to wait for external circumstances to change before we can feel safe, free and living in abundance?  Let’s create our own Eden now, a place where we know our direct connection to our Soul and our Source, where we are always guided and supported, where we can create a reality aligned with our deep desires and our divine nature!

Imagine a sacred space, like a garden.  It has been set aside and tended to produce beauty, nourishment, and peace.  Choose to step into this space where you can quiet your mind, relax your body and open your heart.  We can tune out the world around us and deeply experience the presence and support of divine beings here for us as well as our own original essence and divine purpose.  Begin with #1 on the body or choose the topic that resonates with you.

You will also find below some new Heartfelt Reflections on the value of Stopping, on the New Eden Meditations, and a piece called “April Sky and Astrology,” that connects The Song Gardener’s new song, April Sky with my interest in ancient astrology. 

Love and Gratitude,

Creating A New Eden #1: Ease and Joy in the Body (22)

by Wendy von Oech and Frits Evelein

Guided Meditations

I invite you to relax your body, quiet your mind and open your heart as you experience the Sounds of Source in these guided meditations and poetic inspirations. My voice and message and Frits Evelein’s music hold a consciousness aligned with Source energy. Our intention is to support your journey into your Soul and your connection to your Divine Creator Source.

Creating A New Eden Meditations

These Creating A New Eden meditations provide an experience to feel this New Eden now.  We connect directly with the energy of Source and remember that we are made of Love, Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.  In this state of oneness, we take a last sweep through our subconscious, like clearing out our basement of old emotions and beliefs that no longer serve us.  We let go of anything that is not who we really are, so we can meet life clear, aligned, curious and present.

Each Creating A New Eden meditation explores a different area of our lives.  In #1: Ease and Joy in Your Body we let go of information held in our cells from injury, imbalance, and trauma.  We merge with a new template to activate a new body and brain.   #2 Being Who You Really Are invites us to dissolve old images and identities, to tap deeply into our own divine nature, and to connect with our larger consciousness at Source.  #3: Being the Love You Seek addresses our relationships with ourselves, other people, and divine beings.  We no longer need to act from an old story or react from old emotions like fear, anger and sadness.  We can expand to the Universe and experience ourselves Being LOVE.  #4 Dancing in the Garden with God is focused on a new spirituality, free from dogma, guilt, sin, and dependence.   We can feel and express the LOVE of our Divine Creator in our own unique ways, knowing we are each an extension of our Divine Source.


🤯 “Wow! I had an incredible experience. Thank you for guiding me to Source. Gave me goose bumps when I felt it.”

“Soulfully electrifying 💃💫✨. I am eternally grateful for this blessing 🌈. Sending you love💞”  J.  Capetown, South Africa

“Three of us were blown away into a zero point of Love. Beautiful, deep, silent, refreshing. Thank you and 💝”  B. H.

“This is an empowering meditation supporting our authentic potential to shine our individual light and spread goodness in the world. Thank you so much.” J.M.

“Holy sh*t. Amaze-balls! Thank you.”  R.K.

Heartfelt Reflections

April Sky and Astrology

April Sky and Astrology

My friends, Mary Gospe and Corrie Dunn of The Song Gardeners, have just released a new song called April Sky. As I listen to their lively, upbeat music and inspiring message, a smile lights up my face. I want to go outside and look up at the sky and tune in to the...

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Creating A New Eden

Creating A New Eden

I am developing a series of meditations called Creating A New Eden.  Do we need to wait for external circumstances to change before we can feel safe, free and living in abundance?  Let’s create our own Eden now, a place where we know our direct connection to our Soul...

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Be Still, Listen

Be Still, Listen

It is May, 2022, and I am in Hawaii for ten days of vacation with my husband.  I am here for spiritual nourishment and healing from the recent years of caring for my now deceased parents.  Every day I walk and talk with my Divine Beloved, Source. I ask for guidance...

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Your Companion on the Journey

I offer a sacred space to support you in awakening more to who you really are as a divine being living a human life.  As we connect to the energy of Source and our own Higher Self we access our innate ability to create the life we deeply desire.  We can let go of habits of mind or heart that are in the way of loving ourselves fully and expressing the truth of our unique Soul.  In our sessions we engage our Higher Consciousness and experience the energy of Source to create a life of freedom, joy, purpose and love.

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