Soak in these words as if they come from your own higher consciousness or your spirit guides or other divine beings aligned with Source and the Divine Plan. This universal message holds the energy and frequency of Source.

“You are a Divine being. You are always directly connected to your Source. The Light and Love that created you is alive within you always. We are here to bring Earth and all life back into alignment with our Source, into coherence with the universal structure and universal principles.

“Feel that divine spark, that Source Light and Source Love in you. Trust your heart. Choose your thoughts. Follow your guidance to create this new reality, to be who you really are.

Together we are here to implant the divine principles of Love, Truth, Beauty and Goodness. Love, unconditional, infinite, connecting all of creation. Truth, aligned with the Cosmic Mind. Beauty, holographic harmony, coherence with the universe. Goodness, selfless giving.

“Choose your focus and alignment. Breathe our Love into your heart. Soak this Source energy into every cell of your being. Dissolve all fear, worry and concern. Together we anchor this energy of Love, Truth, Beauty and Goodness. Together we create a new Earth, a new Human, a glorious expression of Source, flowing in and through you. Let your light shine. You are not alone. All is well.