Every day a new sunrise, seen or unseen, waking me with that bright light of life or hiding behind clouds or fog to let me dance in my dreams a bit longer.

Welcome to my Mystic Musings. I have always written journals, letters, poems, articles. I have soaked in the verbal expressions of others. The word is my vehicle. Each word filled with meaning and intention. Will it be received as sent? Always new. Your ear, your heart, your mind at the moment will take in my message as is true for you in this moment. I send forth my message and then let it go.

My intention in writing on this website is for these words to hold an energy and a message that is life giving, that is life expanding, that is true to me, that serves some purpose if you are led here to read and listen from your heart. I intend that each word, each passage be spoken from my heart, flowing through my fingertips onto this screen.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure of bridging consciousness from Source through me to you and back to Source and out to all creation.