***Thank you to artist Terri Feinberg for her “Prayer for the Earth.”***

Read these words as if they come from your own higher consciousness or your spirit guides or other divine beings aligned with Source and the Divine Plan.  This universal message holds the energy and frequency of Source.

You are a Divine being, always connected to your Source.  The Light and Love that created in you is anchored in your cells.  You are made of Love, of Truth, of Beauty, of Goodness.  You are here to manifest the Divine Plan, to bring Earth and all life into coherence with the universe, to awaken our Divine blueprint in all life on this Earth.

“You are a divine being, empowered with the consciousness to create this new Earth, to be this new human.

“Trust yourself.  Follow the guidance of your own heart.

“You are safe.  You are free.  You are loved.  You are safe, divinely protected and guided at all times.  You are free to be your unique expression of Source.  You are loved, deeply and unconditionally.  You are safe.  You are free.  You are loved.

“You are Love.  Love, the most powerful force in the world.  You are Love.  You are LOVE.”