In a recent meditation, I heard three words: Calm, Clarity and Courage. I felt them like balls of energy coming from Source, each one as a consciousness or state of being. They also felt like guidance to navigate this next year and tools to share with this community.

When we are in a Calm state, we can more easily discern what is aligned with Source. We are not stirred up by our emotions or distracted by tasks or confused by the collective human consciousness. With this Calm, we let go of fear and anxiety and can access our higher mind with Clarity. When we trust our Clear seeing and knowing our connection to Source, we have Courage to act wisely and consciously.

Take a moment to say the word Calm. Breathe “Calm” into your heart a few times. What is the texture of this word and energy? How does it resonate in you? “Calm” sounds and feels a bit like “Om,” the original tone of the universe. Invite this Calm to spread an inner peace around your body as you breathe and relax. In this state, our cells can detox and rejuvenate and our hearts can expand. Imagine your energy field spreading this peace. It might even activate a fearless compassion in you that expands throughout the universe.

From this state of Calm, we can more easily access Clarity. We can discern subtle energies and make decisions that are aligned with our highest good and the highest good of others. We can hear guidance and make choices with Clarity and precision. When our human analytical mind is calm, our intuition is activated, and our spiritual awareness gives us new perspectives and possibilities.

As we move through our days with Calm and Clarity, we have the Courage to meet the challenge of the moment. We feel our connection and the support of guides to shine our light into the world. We know our power as Creator Beings assisting in the massive transformation of this world. We can take action from a point of stillness that is fully guided and supported at all times. Now is the time to trust in our Divine presence, in our Divine team and in the Divine Plan. Our state of being Calm, Clear and Courageous invites others to also remember ALL IS WELL.