Something is stirring in my heart. All plans to do otherwise are fizzling in the heat of this desire. Light is shooting out of my eyes. I cannot contain this energy.

I do not know where it will lead, nor do I care. Something is being born now through me, and I cannot hold back. It wants to breathe, to sing, to soar in pure freedom with no care for consequence, a rocket launched into infinity, born of infinity through this mortal immortal being, the one I sleep with and awaken to.

Do you sense something changing now in you? Something wanting to be born in you? Do you hope for a better world? Do not look to the news or to the past for guidance. Tune into the deep desire in your own heart.

When you hear words of harmony, grace and unity does your spirit lift a bit? Let it fly! Do not anchor yourself with fear. Do not stick to gravity, to human cogitation. You are more than your analytical mind. You can feel it in your own heart. Trust this. Trust your power to Love, your power to Create, your power to align with Source. Ask your angels for support and guidance. Pray to your Creator. Express your unique energy.

We are not alone here in our hopes and dreams, but we are needed to continue the expansion into a new reality, a new earth, a new way of being here. We were never left alone or cast out of the garden. The temporary eclipse of the sun is over. We are always connected to the Light and Love that gave us life. We can now work together to bring the Divine Plan to fruition, creating a new human and a new earth.

Time also to launch this website. This is a platform for guided meditations and written and recorded reflections and poetry. If this resonates with you, enjoy it, send me your comments and share with friends. If you want me to send you updates when I make additions, please send me your email. For now I offer abundant blessings of gratitude and Love to you.