On a recent trip to Hawaii, I experienced a deep inner stillness and quiet.   One day I felt like Divine Father was speaking to me and through me to someone I was thinking about.  So I recorded my experience and transcribe it here for you.  You can also listen to the recording in Universal Messages along with ocean sounds and bird song. 

“Do you know how beloved you are?  How truly loved you are?  How you are held in the heart of your Divine Creator?  The one who gives you life and who welcomes you home no matter what you do or have done with this life.  Do you know how beloved you are?

“Listen to these words from your heart, as they come through me from the heart of our Divine Creator.  You are my Divine Beloved.  Allow these words to come into your heart.  I am here with you to hold you and protect you, to empower you to be the creator you are, to be the divine expression of You, unique and precious to me. 

“Allow this Love to kindle a spark in your heart, to fuel the fire, your passion.  Allow this Love and connection, this eternal umbilical cord from you to your Creator, to inspire, to invite you to shine your Love and your Light from this deep inner knowing.  You are safe.  You are free.  You are loved.

“Allow those words to penetrate the cells of your body.  Allow your shoulders to relax.  Imagine a warm blanket of Love, Divine Mother presence wrapping around you.  Lean into this support and comfort.  Imagine an archangel behind you, protective, guiding you, shielding you from danger and lighting your path, and lifting a wing to help if you trip and fall. 

“Feel in the center of your brain a calm, a trust in these words, in your own deep knowing, a sense of who you really are, an extension of the mind and heart of your creator.  As if beneath the noise and toil and tasks of the day, a deep calm connects you to that Cosmic Mind, allows your heart to rest in that knowing all is well, reminds you of your body’s ability to heal itself and to thrive. 

“Allow and create those times of non-doing to access this deeper state of Being, one with who you really are, one with your Divine Creator Source.  Deep in your heart knowing All is Well.