This year I am adding a category to the menu: Divine Messages.  I believe we are all capable of receiving guidance from beyond our ego minds, our instinctual fears and our programmed reactions.  When we take time to create a deep inner stillness, we can tune into a higher Source of information.   We can learn to discern and trust the meaning of the messages and create our lives accordingly.

I have heard voices and had conversations with my Divine Beloved (God, Source) for years.  For a long time the messages I received felt like they were for my personal growth and choices.  I have also received messages that feel more universal, coming to me to be shared with others.  (Now is the Time)  On a recent 3 week retreat in Hawaii I received this kind of Divine Guidance.  One day I heard three words during my morning meditation:  Calm, Clarity and Courage.  The feeling was, “Take heart, this will be a bumpy year.  Choose your focus.  You can do this.  I am with you.

Another time I was thinking about a person, and I heard, “Do you know how beloved you are?  How you are held in the heart of your divine creator?”  My heart opened to this love and the voice continued.  “Imagine an archangel behind you, shielding you from danger and lighting your path and lifting a wing to help if you trip and fall.”  You can listen to the words as they come to me along with bird song and ocean sounds in the recording of “You are Beloved.”  The spoken words also hold an energy and resonance of Source.

When I wondered why people do not feel a Source connection, I heard, “How can you believe I hear your prayers when you are tuned to the channel of despair and hopelessness?”   It continued, “There are always problems.  You are here to bring ease and grace to this world…..Feel that power to create new worlds in the midst of the darkness and chaos and confusion……Put your focus and all your powerful attention and creative abilities on what you are wanting to experience…..You decide.  I am with you always.  Ask.  I hear your prayers.”

At another time I was reminded that we are co-creating this new reality with many other Divine Beings who are aware of our experience here.  “Be still.  You are undergoing a time of great change…..Be still and know your presence on Earth now matters.  Be still.  Feel the life force in your body, the life force of this Earth, the Love force of Source…….Walk slowly.  Each footstep, each breath matters.  Choose wisely and enjoy this adventure of transformation, even as you may not witness those results that you desire in your lifetime.  The seed that falls from the decaying tree will bring new life.”

Create times of stillness.  Ask and listen.  Trust your guidance and the Love Truth Beauty and Goodness of the Universe.  Your presence is important here now.