The words below came to me like a message from beyond.  After a deep meditation on 2/2/2020, I asked for some guidance about where to focus my attention.  This was before these “unusual times” we are now living in.  I put my pen to paper and did some automatic writing.  I just let the words flow as I heard them without questioning or editing.  They felt like they came from a Source beyond me.   At the same time, they were flowing through my heart as my own knowing.  The message both surprised and delighted me.


Our Divine Purpose

You are safe.  You are free.  You are loved.
Your eternal soul with Source always.
Angels and archangels guide and protect you.

This human aspect now on earth
Here to birth a new human, a new Earth.

We are with you
Anchoring Christ consciousness,
Divine Creator in human form,
Real and accessible to all,
Shining in your heart,
Illuminating a path to freedom, to truth, to love. 

Feel the Love of this presence, Your Divine Creator,
Here in these Sounds of Source,
Holding codes and formulas,
Seeding this new consciousness
Formed of Love, Truth, Beauty and Goodness,
Our infinite original essence,
Our Divine Purpose.

Trust in our Love to guide and support you.
Trust in your Love to lead you
To express this Source energy through you.
Do what brings you joy.
Do what feels free and expansive.

Our Love creating a healthy connected human.
Our Love creating an abundant aligned Earth

We are with you, co-creating this new reality.
Follow the Light in your heart.

All is well.

Wendy von Oech        Winter 2020

What if you heard these words spoken to you?  As you read them now, how do you feel?

We all have this capacity to unleash our deep wisdom, to hear and sing the song in our hearts.  We know when truth burns in us, moving us to act.  We can trust our inner guidance to live out our own divine Purpose.

We also have the ability to access our non-physical guides and other beings.  Sometimes we feel this connection in meditation or quietly listen with an open heart and mind.  Sometimes we receive guidance in prayer, the intimate conversation we have with our Creator, our spirit family and other beings.

Notice how you get the information and guidance that is true for you.  It is tailored to your particular nature, configuration and purpose.  You may or may not resonate with the words that came to me.  Feel your own response and listen to your own heart.

When I ask for guidance from an open-hearted, quiet-minded place, I can trust what I hear.  When I have silenced the other voices in my head, I can discern the truth of what comes through.  I know these words or images or ideas come from my higher consciousness, from a place deep within my being where I am connected to my larger self and my Source.  I can trust this guidance to be aligned with my true essence.

I also know I don’t get every step or all pieces of the puzzle at once.  Like mana in the desert, just the next serving.  I get what I can digest.  I get what I can do in this moment.  Many times I am surprised by what I hear or see or sense.  Once I got a few notes from a song I did not even know.  After a week I had located the song (“The Rose”) which held a profound message for me.

Many years ago I was working with my spiritual guide clearing old beliefs and emotions.  At the end of the session I felt very refreshed and free.  We were sitting in silence feeling the Love of Creator wrapped around us. Suddenly I saw a map of France and the letters M – A – Y.  My heart dropped.  Oh, no.  I can’t do that.  I knew immediately what it was referring to, but I strongly believed I could not go to France in May to attend a gathering with Caroline Cory and friends.

Once I heard this message, however, I could not deny it.  I trusted it came from a higher place in my being.  I had to admit that I really really really wanted to take this next step on my spiritual journey.  I trusted the guidance because it came when I was aligned and open and it came in an unexpected form.  I was willing to crucify a few beliefs and work through some fears along the way to make it happen.

Read the piece again and see how it feels to you now.  Can you feel those other beings speaking to you?  Who is this “We” to you?  Can you feel their Love for you?  Can you feel the power in our co-creating the new Human and New Earth?  You don’t need to know everything.  Just do “your part” as you are guided.  No mistakes.  No judgment.  Just living and expanding our consciousness.  Just being present as your true self in each moment.

And so it is.