Yesterday a box of Frits’ and my new Source LOVE CDs arrived! I was delighted to see our names in print on a tangible product, another form to broadcast Source Love and support people to Align 3 Energy Centers and Expand to the Universe. Why not? I grew up with vinyl, had a record collection, a reel to reel tape recorder, cassette tapes and CDs. I do have a CD player in my car, though I don’t often “close my eyes and take a deep breath” while driving.

Of course, all of these meditations are available on this website and through Insight Timer, but those require an internet connection. If you enjoy listening to music and meditations in the car, on walks and long plane flights, they are now available for download. Go to iTunes or CD Baby to download the album. You can also download them from apps you subscribe to like Insight Timer and Spotify. Search for Wendy von Oech.

One benefit of a physical CD is the cover where the artists can describe and promote their product. From Beam to Source:  “The message and music in these guided meditations carry the frequency of Source, inviting you to raise your vibration and return to a place of inner stillness and expanded awareness.  Wendy’s voice and Frits’s music weave a fabric of Source energy designed to infuse your cells with unconditional Love.  This allows your human mind to quiet, your nervous system to relax and invites you to feel deeply connected to your own essence and Source.  These meditations are inspired by Caroline Cory and the Omnium method of consciousness expansion and direct connection to Source. 

Here are a few comments from Insight Timer followers:

What a beautiful, heart warming meditation on Source energy, allowing the Divine to flow thru from the center of the Earth to the expanse of the Universe! 

Magnificent, I loved it. Gave me back me knowledge of being loved. I feel great and will use this often. 

This is a 10 minute masterpiece!  A beautiful way to begin the day.  Thank you!  

This was so beautiful and brought me to tears. Thank you for helping me open up my heart and connect to the divine. 

If you want a physical CD for the lovely cover created by Frits, email me or use the contact box on this website.