“You have been approved.”

What does that mean, approved? By whom? For what?

The email actually read, “Your meditation has been approved,” but it’s easy to take it personally. I had submitted a few guided meditations to the Insight Timer App, and after 90 days a second meditation was now available to 8 million participants around the world.

The meditation shows up for a day on a list of 50 NEW meditations, poems, talks and pieces of music. People can rate and comment on each item after they listen to it. I appreciate learning who is listening, where they live and what experiences they are having with my words and Frits Evelein’s Music from Source.

After I listened to the newly approved meditation, Universal Love, I was in a wonderful space, feeling my whole being vibrate as LOVE. Then I started looking at the App. Where is my meditation on the list of new offerings? Will people see it? What is my rating? How does it compare to others? How long will I stay at 4.8? How many followers do I have? Then I started to feel my energy and vibration slowly dropping.

I had somehow stepped out of the amazing powerful energy I had created. I had let my thoughts wander into comparing with others, wanting a perfect rating and thinking about how to market myself and my creations.

Of course I want people to find the meditations! I enjoy knowing people are deepening their connection to Source. I feel the purpose in this work and am motivated to do more. I am also aware of that enticing quality of social media and receiving feedback from strangers.

To whom do I give power to judge me and my creations?

This experience invited me to set some very clear intentions, a kind of contract with myself about my creative process.

*     I intend to create from the truth of who I am for the pure joy of creating.

*     I hope to create something that is beneficial to other people.

*     I let go of concern about how others receive me and of comparing myself to others.

*     I love and trust myself unconditionally.

*     I discern the value of other people’s feedback to assist my creative process.

*     I choose to bring, be and express this pure Source energy at this moment in time.

I am enough and all is well.