Frits Evelein and I have a new album! It is called Portal of Light: Support for a Graceful Transition. This album contains soothing words and beautiful music in twelve short pieces and three guided meditations on topics including forgiveness, trust, letting go, angelic presence, eternal love, and all is well. The music and messages offer comfort and connection to the patient and their family, friends and caregivers during all stages of this natural process.

Our intention is to bring a universal energy of Love in these Sounds of Source to calm our nervous systems, to quiet our racing thoughts, to lessen pain and suffering, to ease loneliness, to soothe our souls and heal our hearts, to remember we are not alone and to connect us to the mystery of life.

Our deeper intention is to dissolve the fear of this natural process of letting go and leaving the body. Some of the pieces are aimed specifically at this transition:
“Trust and allow this transformation, flowing like a river into the light.”
“Angels and guides are here to assist you on your journey home.”
Others are more Universal:
“Surrender to the mystery, let it be.”
“The sun is rising in your heart. It is time to awaken, it is time to remember who you really are.”

The Portal of Light is part of a construct that will assist this graceful transition. Imagine an energetic grid with pathways that assist a Soul in reconnecting to Source. We find our way to this transport grid through a Portal of Light. From there we are guided by angelic beings and guides through beams of light that are part of an actual structure that moves beings in and out of physical life, a kind of cosmic highway.

Now I am trying to find a home for this album or many homes. If you have any contacts with people in Hospice Care, alternative therapies, grief work, music therapy I would appreciate any contact information you wish to share. I believe this project has wings of its own and is already spawning another creation for healing during illness and injury.

For now you can find Portal of Light: Support for a Graceful Transition on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Amazon and other platforms and as a physical CD. Here are a few links to some of the tracks you can stream. Soon I will have it available for free on this website.

Trust and Allow YouTube Video


Angelic Presence YouTube Video

iTunes/Apple Music link