“Now is the time to awaken, to remember who you are.”  These words came to me after meditating on the Fourth of July, 2019.  I have recorded them with Music from Source by Frits Evelein and made them available on various platforms.  Why make a video now?  Why post something here after over a year of silence?

These past two years have challenged us all to navigate a new set of experiences with perceived threats and limitations.  Personally, I was occupied with supporting my parents and grieving my father’s death and my mother’s significant mental decline.  I did not have energy to join the debate and confusion and the angry blaming of others.  I did not want to add more advice, even if it was “Trust Yourself.”  So I have been silent here.  Until NOW.  Until this urging pushed me to make this video and to write again what is stirring in me.

Now is the time.  Now is the time for what?  To be who we really are, to give birth to a deeper and higher form of our consciousness, to live the truth of our own guidance, intuition, wisdom and to trust in a higher purpose and Universal order.  It is time to ask ourselves, “Who am I?”  “How do I choose to live my life?”

Am I a victim of circumstances and the changing tides of life on Earth?  Am I controlled by subconscious beliefs and driven by fear?  Am I dependent on other humans to tell me how to live? 

Or am I a unique expression of a Divine Creator here to learn and expand my consciousness?  Do I have a higher self, my Buddha nature, my Christ consciousness, that I can remember, explore and cultivate?  Do I listen to my own conscience, whispering in my ear, guiding my choices and helping me learn from each one?  Am I a sovereign being with all I need planted deep within me? 

This video is an invitation to ask ourselves, what is wanting to be born in me now?  What beauty or truth or goodness or love is wanting to crawl out and offer itself to the world?  How can I be like a little child, learning to crawl or to walk or maybe even to fly?  This world longs for your Light to shine, for your Love to create something new and good for ALL of Creation. 

 Let’s go “out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing…” as the Sufi poet Rumi reminds us and create a world where all can truly thrive.