My friends, Mary Gospe and Corrie Dunn of The Song Gardeners, have just released a new song called April Sky. As I listen to their lively, upbeat music and inspiring message, a smile lights up my face. I want to go outside and look up at the sky and tune in to the planets and stars in our Milky Way galaxy and beyond.

Did you ever wish upon a star or look for the constellations of Orion or the Big Dipper? Did you dance under a full moon or plant seeds with the new moon? People all over the world have incorporated the movements of the planets and the phases of the moon into their life choices. How might we engage with this cosmic weather? Is there some correlation between the planetary movements and our lives?

Singer songwriter Mary Gospe feels a connection to these celestial lights. She listens for a message and hears, “‘We’re here,’ they say, ‘and if you look our way, we’ll give you guidance and direction, love, light and protection.’” She notices Venus, Saturn and Mars and feels their energies. How might these celestial lights differ from one another? How do they express their energy and interact with each other? What do they have to say to you?

Humans have observed the predictable cycles of the sun, the moon, and the planets for eons. They interpreted the movements and connections between these celestial bodies to get guidance for their lives on the Earth. They felt a particular energy in Mercury who zips back and forth like our thoughts that was different from slow moving serious Saturn, measuring time at the far edge of their universe. They felt an archetypal energy in the constancy of the Sun that was different from that of the ever-changing moon. They believed that the planets interacted with one another and continued to speak to the planets of our birth chart.

For centuries astrology was closely tied to astronomy, with people like Kepler and Galileo practicing both. It was used as a form of divination, a way of getting information and guidance, by all peoples on this Earth. Though traditions differed somewhat in interpretation and emphasis, astrologers witnessed a connection, a correlation, a mirroring of planetary energies with human experiences. We live the same beginnings and endings, the times of physical challenge or well-being, mental clarity or fogginess, emotions of anxiety or joy, and spiritual restriction or expansion.

Five years ago I was drawn deeper into this ancient art by a reading from a friend. She was using ancient astrology to give me insights about my life journey and upcoming possible changes in the cosmic weather. I wanted to learn this language to better understand myself and others. We are all so different and amazing. I look for signs in nature bones to feathers to trees saying, “Come closer.” (The talking trees led me to buy the house I live in.) Why not expand my awareness and curiosity to our solar system?

Mary, Corrie and I invite you to listen to this new piece, April Sky, and to go outside and be with these celestial bodies. As I write, the moon is gathering light. April 9 is the Christian celebration of Easter, scheduled around the moon light needed for a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Mercury and Venus will set soon after the Sun, followed by Mars with its slight red glow. Just imagine what the planets might say if they were speaking to you! Let’s bring the sun, moon and the stars back into our lives!

If you want to know more about the planets and you, please contact me for an Astrology session.