Imagine you are standing in this open field, just noticing the beauty and feeling calm and relaxed.  Your mind is quiet, your heart is open and suddenly you feel as if a being of Light is standing right there with you.  I had this experience when I was on retreat in Spain last September. 

As often happens, words began to flow taking me deeper into the moment.  I recorded them and months later listened to them.  Again I was in the presence of my Divine Beloved, again I felt supported and guided. If you want to join us in that open field, bring your attention to your heart.  Take a few deep breaths and intend to open to your own experience of Divine Presence.

The Kiss of Your Love

My dear divine Beloved Christ, I feel you with me now,

standing in this freshly mown field nestled below the Pyrenees.

I feel my heart open to your presence with me now.

I trust you in every cell of my being. 

I feel myself dissolved now into light.

hold this energy of your Love for me in my body. 

I trust your promise that even though your physical body is no longer here,

you are with us, with me, always.

Tears flow, not in sadness,

but with a longing that all beings might be open to receive this Love

like fertile soil eager for it to take root. 

I intend that all expressions, all flowering fruit that comes from me,

are born of this Love.

It comes like the morning sun,

my heart turning towards you, melting every cell into Love. 

I become the light you shine on me. 

I am that light, not a moon reflecting but shining my own light,

ignited by the kiss of your Love on my heart.

It comes like the rain after a dry season,

tenderly touching my heart,

sensitive from the sun, from the heat of life,

from the clumsiness of my fellow humans and my own stumbling.

I choose to open, to melt, to let go of all resistance to you.

The hard soil of my soul softens at your glance. 

The cracked places of injury, the wounds, the regrets, the scars

now soaking in this love, soaking in your presence. 

My own tears softening, relaxing, opening my soul to this Love.