Creating this video with Mary Gospe was pure delight.  We have a new word for the “work” we do together.  We call it “Joying.”  We follow our desire to create something together with ease and grace.  Unusual things happen, like images that come to mind or show up unexpectedly.  We feel guided and inspired and buoyed by ease and grace, even when work disappears or the internet doesn’t work.  We laugh and nudge each other which brings out our finest qualities.  I wish you all more Joying in the new year.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, a season I intend to sustain throughout 2022, I wish to thank the many people who contributed to making this video.   Magic can happen when people bring their talents and joy together to make something beautiful.  I thank Caroline Cory for inspiring my work with a deeper understanding and experience of universal Source.  I intend to offer experiences of this unconditional LOVE energy to others in my creative expressions. 

Thank you Frits Evelein for inviting me to write and read some poems for his Portal of Light project many years ago which got me on this journey of creating guided meditations and using my voice in a new way.  Mary is a singer songwriter and friend who has shared her skills in website design and making videos.  Check out her work at, and  Thank you Mary for helping me and for your own inspiring and uplifting creations!

We began our search for images with on my brother and professional photographer, David Caldwell, flickr account.  We included the opening sunrise and two rainbow photographs from his travels around the world.  I’m excited to make more videos using the beauty he captures on “film.”  I searched my library and found many video treasures of grandchildren.  My son and dad extraordinaire, Alex, took photos of his son Axel learning to walk at the beach and his daughter Lucy crawling towards the light, perfect for inviting us all to learn how to move differently in the world.  My great niece Grace was perfect for seeing and loving ourselves as human and divine.  Thanks to niece Cat’s friend Rose Caiazzo (@jacksonholerose) for that video clip. 

I snapped a shot of my granddaughter Vivian holding a seed she found in our garden.  My old friend Gordon Lent offered his image of the Earth in space, and my husband Roger took the spinning Earth video.  My cousin Cathy Veblen shared her caterpillars.  The photo of me was taken by artist Corinne Landphere when I was helping her and Mary and Corrie Dunn make their video for the new album, People Passing Through.  This last is a good example of freely giving our time to others and harvesting more fruit later. 

 Thank you.  Thank you all!  And I wish you fun creating and co-creating in 2022.