Come Home to Your Heart – Video

Come Home to Your Heart

This message carries us through troubled waters into a place of stillness, clarity and connection with our true self. When we “Come home to our heart with our breath” we can access strength, courage and power to create our lives. The words, music and ocean images support this journey to remember All is Well.

When everything feels uncertain,
And every thought causes distress,
Stop spinning stories. Stop chasing answers.
Stop spiraling down with your fear.

When a crisis arises unbidden
With chaos, confusion and pain,
Stop feeding the fire with anger and blame.
Come home to your Heart with your breath.

Settle your bones and your belly,
As you breathe and relax and slow down.
Quiet your mind. Let go of your fear
Of the past, of the future, of now.

Go for a walk or sit by a tree.
Clear everyone out of your space.
Listen and wait. Let go of control.
Come home to your Heart with your breath.

Go deeper into the stillness
Where wisdom and courage arise.
Expand your awareness beyond the horizon.
Connect to your Soul and your Source.

Ask for support from Creator.
Open your heart to this Love.
Listen for guidance from your higher self.
Come home to your Heart and reset.

Choose to create with compassion.
Give voice to your vision and power.
Trust yourself. You will find your next step.
At home in your Heart, all is well.

Copyright 2018 Wendy von Oech

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