Now is the Time

Now is the time to awaken,
to remember who You are
and the purpose of your presence here now.
The old is dissolving,
the new is arising,
As if, within you, a tiny seed was planted
that is waiting to be born now.
As if another form of you is ready to emerge
like a butterfly crawling out of its chrysalis.
You, crawling out as crystal, Christ-al,
Christ consciousness on Earth.
Seed planted 2,000 years ago,
being born now, being born in you.

Awaken, remember and choose to be this force,
this presence now of Love,
As one aware of your own nature,
as human, as divine.

Now is the time, now moving forward,
led by the light in your heart,
by the stirring of this seed,
this new form of your being on Earth.
New Earth, new life,
fully aware of itself as Source.
Never separate
always One energy flowing pure Love.

Now is the time to remember
who you are.
Spread your wings, my dear,
and soar, freely,
As the New Human
on the New Earth.
The time is now.

Wendy von Oech                                      Thanksgiving 2021