Beam to Source

These guided meditations are infused with Source energy in musical sounds, voice and words.  This energy supports you in raising your vibration and returning to a place of inner stillness and expanded awareness.  The message and music in each of these pieces infuse your cells with unconditional Love.  This allows your human mind to quiet, your nervous system to relax and invites you to feel deeply connected to your own essence and your Source.The album is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and other listening platforms!  Or as a CD from me!


  1. Beam to Source
  2. Universal Love
  3. Into the Stillness
  4. All is Well
  5. Deep in My Heart
  6. Come Home to Your Heart

Magnificent, I loved it.  Gave me back my knowledge of being loved.  I feel great and will use this often.

This is a 10 minute Masterpiece!  A beautiful way to begin the day.  Thank you.

This was so beautiful and brought me to tears.  Thank you for helping me open up my heart and connect to the divine.

What a beautiful, heart warming meditation on Source energy, allowing the Divine to flow through from the center of the Earth to the expanse of the Universe.