Cosmic Greenhouse

Cosmic Greenhouse Album

This new album contains several inspiring messages and guided meditations with Music from Source by Frits Evelein.  The three Cosmic Greenhouse meditations invite you to flourish, to be your true self and to heal and align your body.  They take place in a structure that helps align you with the structure of the Universe.   Step into the Beam of Source Light and know that all is well.  The album is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and other listening platforms!  Or as a CD from me!


  1. One with Source Love
  2. In the Beam of Source Light
  3. Cosmic Greenhouse #1: To Thrive
  4. Cosmic Greenhouse #2: To be Your true Self
  5. Cosmic Greenhouse #3: Align and Heal the body
  6. Always Protected, Always Connected
  7. Now is the Time
  8. Our Divine Purpose

One of the trippiest asymmetrical meditations I’ve ever had.  I turned into DNA!  Was amazing.  Thanks!!

A lovely meditation.  Thank you for the reminder that being here isn’t an obligation.  It is my birthright and my intention.  I needed that reminder.

Very unique and wonderful!  Thank you for helping me let go of so much mental clutter and replace it with pure light and divine energy!  This will be one to keep practicing, so much to explore.

Beautiful.  It felt like you were speaking directly to my heart.  Great wisdom and experience of healing shines out of these words and the sounds.

Wow Wendy, you’re the best!!!  This was perfect!  I love how you keep it all tied to Source and our well-being.  You renew my connection with Source every time, making life peaceful.