Wendy and Frits created these guided meditations to support you in deepening your connection to your Soul and to your Source. The words and music hold a frequency of Source energy that can help you quiet your mind, open your heart and feel your original divine essence. Each piece invites you to have your own experience of Source Love and who you really are. The album is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and other listening platforms!  Or as a CD from me!


  1. Connecting to Source
  2. Align 3 Energy Centers and Expand to the Universe
  3. Source Love
  4. Empowered Creating
  5. My Dear Divine Beloved
  6. Trust Your Heart

There is something so powerful about the music you use and your voice.  I am able to immediately fall into the state where I feel connected.

So connecting.  I felt tingling especially in my heart center and my hands.  It was so beautiful to feel like God was right there in front of me with golden energy flowing between us.

Thank you for this beautiful reminder that All is Well.  Wherever you are.