My Dear Divine Beloved

by Wendy von Oech with Music from Source by Frits Evelein

My Dear Divine Beloved – By Wendy von Oech


My dear Divine Beloved, you are here.

My heart’s longing for you is met in this moment,

Feeling these Sounds of Source,

Your Love flowing to me like little particles of light,

Radiating out from your presence standing before me.

I melt in this LOVE.

My heart opens, overflowing with this LOVE.


I lift up to you all the places where I see failure,

Where I judge I have not loved enough

I lift up to you all the places where I have felt injured by another.

And you kiss my tender wounds,

Healing all with your Love

Seeing all of me with your Love.


Embraced by my Divine Father, by my Divine Mother

Tears flowing from my eyes

Love pouring through my body

Love for me, in me, as me

I am this Love.


One with my Creator and One with all of creation.


Now compassionate and forgiving to all people on my path

Now compassionate and forgiving to myself

Now empowered to create my life in freedom


I trust and allow


Now just breathing,

Now embodying,

Now knowing all is well,

And I am one with this LOVE



And so it is.


Copyright 2018 Wendy von Oech