Our Divine Purpose

These words came to me after a deep meditation as automatic writing on February 2, 2020.  I heard them spoken to me as if from somewhere else.  At the same time, they were flowing through my heart as my own knowing.  They both surprised and delighted me.

Our Divine Purpose

by Wendy von Oech & Frits Evelein

You are safe. You are free. You are loved.
Your eternal soul with Source always.
Angels and archangels guide and protect you.

This human aspect now on earth
Here to birth a new human, a new Earth.

We are with you
Anchoring Christ consciousness,
Divine Creator in human form,
Real and accessible to all,
Shining in your heart,
Illuminating a path to freedom, to truth, to love.

Feel the Love of this presence, Your Divine Creator,
Here in these Sounds of Source,
Holding codes and formulas,
Seeding this new consciousness
Formed of Love, Truth, Beauty and Goodness,
Our infinite original essence,
Our Divine Purpose.

Trust in our Love to guide and support you.
Trust in your Love to lead you
To express this Source energy through you.
Do what brings you joy.
Do what feels free and expansive.

Our Love creating a healthy connected human.
Our Love creating an abundant aligned Earth.

We are with you, co-creating this new reality.
Follow the Light in your heart.
All is well.

Wendy von Oech        Winter 2020